Your Guide to Leg Lengthening Surgery Treatment Options

Leg lengthening surgery may be right for you. Or there may be other options. Determining the right treatment for leg length discrepancy can feel overwhelming. The information on this page is designed to help inform you about the treatment options available. Not all the information will apply to your individual treatment, and it is not meant to replace any personal conversations that you might wish to have with your physician or another member of your healthcare team.

Leg length discrepancy (also known as Limb Length Discrepancy) does not cause a problem for everyone who has it. When leg length discrepancy does cause limping or pain, or keeps you from participating in the activities you like, you have options.

A surgeon experienced in leg-lengthening surgical and non-surgical techniques can explain the treatment options, risks, and benefits in more detail – so it’s important to find a health care professional who specializes in leg length discrepancy to discuss whether surgical or non-surgical treatment is best for you.

What are the Risks of Leg Lengthening Surgery?

Leg lengthening surgery has risks, just like any surgery. Discuss your treatment plan and surgical options with your doctor and they will review the risks you face. For more information about leg lengthening surgery risks, please read our article.

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