Limb length discrepancy (LLD) does not cause a problem for everyone, but when it keeps you or someone you know from living life to the fullest, it’s difficult to stay positive. Don’t give up! It’s important to remember that you’re not alone. People all over the world struggle with limb length discrepancy, and they’ve come together to build a community of support and understanding.

Hear from real leg length discrepancy (LLD) patients about their experiences with the PRECICE® internal lengthening device and see examples from their leg lengthening surgery before and after. Having undergone leg lengthening surgery, they know first-hand what you’re going through, and they’ve volunteered to share their stories.

Mark’s Story

With a cancer diagnosis, one usually expects to undergo surgery, chemotherapy, or some combination of the two. For Mark DuMoulin, the surgery to remove his tumor had an added complication; it took a large portion of his femur bone (21cm) with it.

Mark’s surgeons reconstructed his femur bone using pieces of his healthy bone to fill in the defect, but Mark still had a leg length discrepancy of about 2 inches. Using the PRECICE internal lengthening device, Mark was able to regrow his own bone and reach his height.

Watch the video to hear his story and learn more about his experience with PRECICE leg lengthening surgery.

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